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"You can chase the Storm or SURVIVE the Hurricane" ~GK


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Halloween, Vampires Pageant, & Everything In Between!

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About us

We are Spooky Gin and Hurricane Alicia, the Historians and Ghostesses behind Galveston Lantern Tours! Our story starts over 20 years ago, with two teenage girls meeting at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Through the years, we have grown up, gone through marriages, divorces and through everything in between. Gin has worked in radio marketing and communication for 18 years, working with musicians and rock bands, while traveling the US in search of the witchy, spooky, and paranormal. Alicia pursued theater and motherhood, even working at the Texas Renaissance Festival as a cast member, while studying history and Victorian Spiritualism. Our loves of history, Galveston, and all things Spooky and accumulation of knowledge led us to start Galveston Lantern Tours in May of 2018. 

We love our island and started the Galveston Vampire Pageant to give back to the community. This fundraiser benefits the Resource & Crisis Center of Galveston County. We offer free and discounted tours to first responders, active military, and veterans. We love supporting a worthy cause, if you need help with a fundraiser, just reach out to us and we'll be glad to help! 

Member of Chamber of Commerce, C-Crewe, Galveston Historic Tourism Coalition, and Certified Tourism Ambassadors for the City of Galveston


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